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Over 331,000 copies of this popular (free) guide issued worldwide!

'Resource Efficiency and Corporate Responsibility - Managing Change' guide is currently downloading at at well over 100 copies per week (2018).

"Cheers to the Brits for their humour"

"As good as anything I have used"

This is THE guide to have if you are managing or implementing change. This highly respected guide is popular with managers, leaders and Business Schools worldwide.

Recognised for its original and effective approach to the whole subject of change management in the context of improving resource efficiency and environmental performance, it is useful for assisting just about any change management process.

Click here to download the:

managing change guide (pdf 780kb)

Change Management Matrix

You can open the useful "Change Management Matrix" here as a stand alone single page word document to use as a diagnostic tool and route map with your management team: matrix (doc). You can also download a case study of the matrix in use (pdf 42kb).

Positive response to this unique guide

See the comments (below) made about the guide including its useful practical role as a diagnostic tool.

Special workshops or conference presentations from the authors:

See below for presentations for your conference or workshop that are available from the authors for your event.

Written by Phil Harding ( and John Pooley (The John Pooley Consultancy) this guide was first produced by the Government Office for the South West (Sustainability & Environmental Technologies Team) in partnership with Envirowise (now part of WRAP) in 2004 and re-published as a paperback in 2007 for its 4th print run. It is also endorsed by the Carbon Trust, ESTA (the Energy Services and Technology Association), and Climate SouthWest.

© Government Office for the South West, 2004 - 2007.

YouTube and managing change. See the 4 minute 'managing change' video on oursouthwest's YouTube channel here: video.

photograph    photograph

Can anything that is useful
be accomplished without change?

Emperor Marcus Aurelius

Special workshops or conference presentations from the authors

Subject to his availability one of the managing change guide's authors, John Pooley, is able to offer workshop or conference presentations etc. based on the managing change guide. To contact John click here to visit his website:

John Pooley - on employee and corporate engagement (UK and overseas)

With jazz! A highly engaging and effective workshop using the principles (and sounds) of jazz to demonstrate how to manage change effectively in your organisation based on this guide has been developed. To request further information on the innovative and interactive 'Managing Change Thru Jazz' training workshop contact Improwise:

Here are just some of the many positive comments made about this guide:

'as good as anything I have used'
- Open University MBA Programme tutor (and CEO), West Midlands

'We are using the guide's Change Management Matrix as a simple and effective tool to diagnose how we are responding to climate change at all levels of our organisation.

It helps to identify where there is room for further improvement and serves as a route map for our Climate Change Project Group to drive progress at all management levels.

We use it to support regular reviews which ensure we maintain momentum.'
- Regional Director, Environment Agency (South West), Exeter

'We shall continue to use the matrix to re-examine and maintain our performance levels'
- Riviera International Conference Centre - see case study of using this guide with the 'greener events' guide by clicking here: RICC Case Study (pdf 143kb opens in new window)

'At South West Water we are using the change management matrix to assess and review how the company is addressing climate change across the whole business operation. It is proving to be a useful management tool for focussing attention on how we can improve our performance in this increasingly important area.'
- Neil Whiter, Water Strategy Manager, South West Water

"Managing change is a very important factor in the success of every business. This guide will help managers to think creatively about how they manage change, whilst avoiding many of the pitfalls that other companies have encountered"
- Envirowise

"excellent and enjoyable"
- Business Development Director, Environment, Health & Safety Training Consultancy, Dorset

"wonderful...I do think that this would be of great interest to many of our business and corporate clients"
- MD for major UK based life coach training company

"very useful for clients who seem to be at sea with regard to energy when failure to manage change adequately may be at the heart of their problems"
- Independent Consulting Engineer, Dorset

"original and excellent"
- Delivery Manager, Energy Efficiency programme, The Carbon Trust

"we intend to use as a resource in MBA teaching"
- Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

(referring to the guide's section on worst practice) "could have just as easily published a document of bad practices without the irony of putting them into a fake "how-to-guide" but what fun is that? Cheers to the Brits for their humour"
- National Healthcare Manager for Energy Star, Environmental Protection Agency, USA

"ground breaking"
- Excellence South West

"very useful and fresh approach"
- EFQM (European Model for Business Excellence) Manager, Military Establishment, Andover

"a succinct, easy to read and practical set of guidance... ...refreshing way it explains the key factors for successfully managing change when compared to so many change management books"
- Principal Consultant, international environmental & infrastructure company, Bristol

"I think it is great and a very useful training tool"
- Chairman, Solent Energy & Environmental Management Group

'A wonderful resource [Change Management Matrix] for assessing where your organisation is at with its implementation of a particular change initiative... I will be utilising this useful resource from herein!'
- Inspirational speaker, trainer and coach, USA

'Change Management Matrix is a particularly valuable tool for understanding change management.'
Environment Agency (UK) in Climate Ready - Adaptation Wizard

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