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SW Energy & Environmental Management Groups:-

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Managing Change - unique and internationally popular guide for overcoming management barriers to improved environmental performance

The original purpose of the oursouthwest online sustainability project was to help "encourage resilient sustainability in South West England and beyond with useful information and guidance".

Following the Coalition Government's decision in July 2010 to close the Government Office Network and related regional institutions in 2011 this website now hosts the web pages for the SW Energy & Environmental Management Groups and some key archived material from the original oursouthwest project including in particular the 2004 ground-breaking Managing Change Guide (Resource Efficiency and Corporate Responsibility).

The About OSW page provides further background information as well as access to archived material.

  • GOV.UK - news announcements from all Government Departments
  • International Energy Agency - for the IEA's annual World Energy Outlook report, usually released each November, and other key energy status reports.


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The views expressed on this website are not necessarily the views and opinions held by the editor. For further information about 'our south west' including sponsorship policy and archived pages, visit the About OSW page.

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Managing Editor: Tim Linford (Chairman of Wessex EEMG).

Email: tim.linford@gmail.com - will Search Engine Optimisation, website design and other similar companies please note that this website has all the search engine optimisation and smart phone compatibility that it requires to meet its specific objectives. Please save your time and ours by not contacting us; it is our policy not to reply to marketing emails of this nature.


1. Management of oursouthwest. From 1999 - 2010 this website was originally managed by Phil Harding whilst a Senior Policy Adviser (climate change, resource efficiency and sustainable development) at the Government Office for the South West (GOSW) in Bristol (UK). GOSW closed in 2011 but this site continued to be managed by Phil Harding until June 2019 when it was transferred to Tim Linford.

2. Archived material. For ease of reference, some of the key pages and papers that were on this website up until 2011/12 are listed on the About OSW page. The British Library holds archived copies of the some of the original content of the www.oursouthwest.com website in its early (and now dated) format from 2008 to 2013 on its website at www.webarchive.org.uk/ukwa/target/9175112/source/alpha.

This website is managed by Tim Linford and supported by Cotswold Energy & Environmental Management Group (on behalf of South West Energy & Environmental Management Groups).

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