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About the
South West
Energy & Environmental Management Groups


First established in 1976, the four South West Energy & Environmental Management Groups are independent organisations serving industry, commerce and the public sector. Membership totalled nearly 1,000 members in recent years before the Avon & Somerset EEMG had to close down in July 2018 but the other 3 groups in the South West remain active.

The EEMGs provide continuing professional development, information exchange, specialist training and networking. With rising energy prices alongside increasing concerns about climate change and sustainable consumption and production, membership of your local Energy & Environmental Management Group has never been more relevant.

Note: The South West EEMGs use the nationally recognised "Greener Events" guide to help reduce the environmental impacts of their events (a copy of the guide can be found on our Notice Board).


Background information

Energy & Environmental Management Groups (EEMGs) are independent non-profit making bodies that enable the development and exchange of ideas, technologies and techniques and the provision of professional training for the benefit of their members and partner organisations in the region. Membership is drawn from industry, commerce and the public sector. The "Showcase" page gives examples of SW EEMG members' achievements.

Energy Management Groups were set up across the UK in 1976 with seed-corn funding from the then Department of Energy as the UK emerged from the energy crises of the early 1970s (see list of past and current Chairmen & Secretaries). Their primary role then was to provide private and public sector managers with energy management skills.

The first Energy Management Group to be established in the United Kingdom was the Avon & Somerset Energy Management Group formed in early 1976. Energy Management Groups in the South West became "Energy & Environmental Management Groups" during 1995/96 to reflect the wider interest and requirements of their members. The ENVEC climate change conference has featured as part of the SW EEMGs' annual event programme from 1993 - 2009.

Members are kept informed of latest energy & environmental management issues via e-newsletters and their regular seminars.

In recognition of the outstanding work the SW groups had undertaken since 1976 in raising the awareness and skills of energy and environmental managers in the region each group received an "Our South West" award in 1999 (see picture below). These awards, from Sustainability South West (the SW Round Table for Sustainable Development) and the Government Office for the South West, were presented at ENVEC '99 on 13th October 1999.

The groups celebrated their 30th anniversary in June 2006 - see pictures and news story below. You can read extracts from the news item marking their 35th anniversary (June 2011) here: SW EEMG movement 35th anniversary (doc).


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD attendance certificates are issued to members attending EEMG events on request ( - this has been the case since 1997). These are issued by the committees of the EEMGs for the benefit of members. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that EEMG meetings are of a professional development standard, it is the responsibility of individual members of professional institutions to pursue accreditation with their own professional institutions or training organisations.

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How to join your local SW EEMG

You can download an application form to join your local EEMG here:

This should be submitted by email as indicated on the application form itself.

Those energy or environmental managers or organisations based in the South West that are interested in becoming a member and would like further information are invited to contact each group direct (for details click on the relevant Group name at the top of this page).

Annual subscription rates for members are kept as low as possible. The current subscription rates are shown against each group but you may wish to confirm with the relevant EEMG Chairman or Secretary. Database registration is free of charge.

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List of current and past Chairmen & Secretaries of the South West Energy & Environmental Management Groups

The success of the SW EEMG movement is due to the dedication and personal commitment of the Chairmen & Secretaries of the Groups and the Committee members that work with them. SW EEMG members owe a huge debt of gratitude to all past and present Committee members for their excellent work, that is done on an entirely voluntary basis, in connection with raising the energy and environmental performance of the region's industrial, commercial and public sectors.

If current or past members are aware of names and dates of service for past Chairmen/Secretaries that are missing from the list, please contact the current Chairman or Secretary for that group as appropriate.

Avon & Somerset Energy & Environmental Management Group

Steve Hodges   2012 - date
Mike Moultrie   2008 - 2012
Norman Wright   1989 - 2008* *Life President from 2008 - 2014
Phil Truman   1985 - 1989
Terry Henshaw (founding Chairman)   1976 - 1985

Jeff Tatum   2012 - date
Steve Hodges   2008 - 2012
Mike Moultrie   1995 - 2008
Dave Covell   1992 - 1995
Roger Hawes   1989 - 1992
Norman Wright   1987 - 1989
Tom Cavanagh   1987
Peter Kerr   1978 - 1987

Cotswold Energy & Environmental Management Group

Frederick Simpson   2017 - date
Chris Bewley   2014 - 2016
Mike Strickland   1995 - 2014* *Life President from 2014 - date

Note. This group merged with the Avon & Somerset EEMG during 1992 - 1995

Geoff Swift   1986 - 1992
Charles O'Malley   dates not known - 1st Chairman

John Emmerson   2004 - 2018
Roger Glassonbury   2000 - 2004
Clive Wilce   1995 - 2000

Note. This group merged with the Avon & Somerset EEMG during 1992 - 1995

Malcolm Barker   1986 - 1992

Devon & Cornwall Energy & Environmental Management Group

Alan Whipps   2017 - date
David Rose   2014 - 2017
Derek Prickett   2012 - 2014
Dave Collins   1994 - 2012
Mike Snedker   early 1980s - 1994

Nick Osmaston   2017 - date
Alan Whipps   2011 - 2017
Alan Burgess   1995 - 2011
Gordon Cunningham   1978/9 - 1995

Wessex Energy & Environmental Management Group

Tim Linford   1996 - date
Ron Hutton   1993 - 1996
Vic Champion   1991 - 1993
Ron Hutton   1985(?) - 1991
Charles Hardy   dates not known - 1st Chairman

Joe McSavage   1989 - date
Yvonne Morris   ? - 1989

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Gallery of a few highlights in the history of SW EEMGs

Photograph of Committee Members
The Chairmen and Committee members of the
region's four EEMGs receiving their
"Our South West" awards at ENVEC '99
Weston-super-Mare, 13th October 1999

All aboard to save the planet
Members and guests board SS Waverley on the evening of 2nd June 2006 at
Clevedon Pier to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the SWEEMG movement
To see the front page news story on the GOSW August 2006 newsletter,
click here: 30th anniversary (pdf 173kb)

Photograph of SS Waverley

To mark the SWEEMGs' 30th anniversary in 2006, EDF Energy
offset 30 tonnes of CO2 by planting trees in ENVEC WOOD
via Taunton based www.co2balance.com.
Below is the certificate of authentication from www.co2balance.com.


Longest serving Chairman of the Avon & Somerset EEMG retires


Steve Hodges (left) and Mike Moultrie (right) marking the retirement of Norman Wright (centre) as the longest serving Chairman of the Avon & Somerset EEMG, on 17 January 2008. On retirement, Norman was appointed Life President in recognition of his long and outstanding service to the group, the UK's first EEMG. Norman remained active for the group until, sadly, he passed away on 1st October 2014.


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