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 Presentations at SW EEMG events

 Greener Events Guide

 Low Carbon Hierarchy

 Managing Change Guide (new page)

 Effective Energy Management Guide

 The ENVEC Archive (new page)

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Visit our 'Showcase' page to see examples of how EEMG members have reduced environmental impacts whilst improving business performance.

Presentations at SW EEMG events:

You can download here some of the presentations given at SW EEMG events. These are retained on this notice board for no longer than 3 years. If you cannot find the presentation you are seeking, contact the relevant EEMG Secretary, as he/she may have a copy. Click on blue links to download presentations (they will open in a new window):

Cotswold EEMG meeting 25 March 2021 (Zoom)
Electric Vehicles and Your Business: presented by Anthony Locke of e.park 


Cotswold EEMG meeting 25 February 2021 (Team)
The Healthy Buildings Initiative - Steve Rainbow, Senior Design Partner and Key Account Manager, Trend Control Systems.
Further data on matters discussed at the meeting
Electrionic Air Cleaner Catalogue
Ultra Violet Sterilisation Report
UV product data
Duct Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) data - quick start guide
Wall IAQ data - quick start guide

Wessex EEMG meeting 28 September 2020 (Zoom)
"The Environment Agency's regulatory response to COVID 19, specifically looking at the waste sector" TESSA BOWERING –SENIOR TECHNICAL OFFICER (pdf 1.5MB)
also Recording of the Zoom meeting - Q&A

Wessex EEMG meeting 20 July 2020 (Zoom)
"Smart Solar Systems - The Benefits" Solarsense - Richard Simon and Simon Duffen (pdf 1.5Mb)
also Recording of the Zoom meeting - Presentation + Q&A

Wessex EEMG meeting 18 May 2020 (Zoom)
Lockdown 2020 - Consequences - Ken Huggins (pdf 460kb)

Wessex EEMG meeting 9 March 2020
CPD LED Course Notes - Chris Burt and Hollie Cook, Dextra (Lighting) Group PLC (pdf 3.4Mb)

Cotswold EEMG meeting 25 April 2019
Choosing, acquiring, maintaining and servicing Electric Vehicles - Cleevely Electric Vehicles (pdf 928kb)

Insulation and energy savings - Quattro Seal (pdf 2Mb)

Wessex EEMG meeting 28 January 2019
The Benefits of Thermal and Aerial Imaging - Anthony Walker MSc MBA Level 111 certified thermographer, MD ThermoSurvey (pdf 2.4Mb)

Wessex EEMG meeting 03 December 2018
Building Energy Management Systems - Smart Buildings (pdf 3Mb)

Wessex EEMG meeting 24 September 2018
Hydrogen Networks - Faithful Chanda, Innovation and Low Carbon networks Engineer at Western Power Distribution (pdf 907kb)

Wessex EEMG meeting 14 May 2018
Electric Vehicles - Robert Sharpe, Evergreen Consulting (pdf 659kb)

Cotswold EEMG meeting 26 April 2018
Renewable Energy Update and Batteries - Caplor Energy (pdf 4.1Mb)

Cotswold EEMG meeting 29 March 2018
Benefits of Thermal Imaging in Buildings & Processes - Steve Perris & Anthony Walker, ERC (pdf 2.2Mb)

Wessex EEMG meeting 12 March 2017
Dorset Low Carbon Economy Prog. "Supporting growth in Dorset's low carbon economy" - Dr Erik Blakeley, DCC Energy Efficiency Technical Officer (pdf 2.2Mb)

Wessex EEMG meeting 29 January 2017
Zero Waste to Landfill - Marten Gregory, Recycling Team Leader, Dorset Waste Partnership (pdf 1.9Mb)

Wessex EEMG meeting 14 September 2017
Water Competition - Nick Mitchell, Wholesale Services Account Manager, Wessex Water (pdf 392kb)

Water retailing in 2017 - Kim Trowbridge, Head of Account Management, Water2business (pdf 673kb)

Wessex EEMG meeting 15 May 2017
The Burning Answer: a User's Guide to the Solar Revolution - Prof. Keith Barnham, Emeritus Professor & Research Fellow, Imperial College (pdf 1.0Mb)

Communicating Sustainability - Angela Fendley BA (Hons) FRSA Sustainability Communicator, Dorset Agenda 21 (pdf 9.0Mb)


ENVEC conference held from 1993 to 2009

Ground-breaking presentations from this key regional conference attended by several hundred SW EEMG members can be found in the ENVEC Archive. Includes information on ENVEC Wood, a lasting legacy for the South West.

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Greener Events Guide


This guide was originally written and produced by Phil Harding and Rachel Malone at the Government Office for the South West (Bristol) and recommended from the outset (in 2005) by Envirowise and the Sustainable Development Commission. The first edition was published in July 2005 and the South West EEMGs became users for their events from then.

Although the guide and companion guides are no longer updated the checklists are useful reference documents and the general advice still applies to anyone organising an event.

The Greener Events Guide

The Greener Events Guide - download the 2010 version of the guide incl. checklist here (pdf)

Checklist only (word)

To view a 4 minute video made in 2008 about the guide click here: YouTube.

Note: BS 8901, referred to in the video, was the first national specification for a sustainable event management system with guidance for use and highlighted the "Greener Events" guide as reference material. ISO 20121 superseded BS 8901 in 2012.

Companion Guides

PowerPoint - Exhibiting - Outdoor/community events

To avoid wasting all the effort and resources that have gone into your event, you will want the presentations to work well and, where used, your exhibition stands to be effective. See also the guide on outdoor/community events. Click the links below to download our companion guides:

(i) "7 Dos and Don'ts for using PowerPoint slides at conferences" (pdf) - and forward a copy to your conference speakers.

(ii) "Achieving success from exhibiting at events" (pdf) - and forward a copy to your exhibitors.

(iii) Outdoor/community events (pdf) - detailed guidance and ideas to help ensure your outdooor/community event respects the environment and your neighbours.

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Low Carbon Hierarchy

The route to a low carbon, climate friendly economy. SW EEMG members and others may wish to use this image for their own promotional work (right click on image and save to your PC):-

image of low carbon hierarchy table

The Low Carbon Hierarchy
The most cost-effective solution for reducing your carbon footprint is to:
1. REDUCE energy use by avoiding unnecessary use and implementing energy efficiency measures. You should include the design of your goods and services and also look up and down your supply chain. Once you have increased your efficiency you should then look to
2. REPLACE fossil fuels with renewable energy sources and/or use cleaner fossil fuel technology such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) where it is feasible to do so. Finally, having reduced your carbon emissions through avoiding waste, energy efficiency and use of renewable cleaner sources, you can
3. NEUTRALISE the remaining unavoidable emissions through carbon offsetting schemes.

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Effective Energy Management Guide

Energy management is not a one-off exercise; to be effective it needs to be an ongoing process. This short guide provides a structured approach that businesses can adopt to manage their energy use effectively.

It is based on the original version produced in 2000 by Phil Harding at the Government Office for the South West in partnership with The Carbon Trust and endorsed by CIMA, the Energy Institute and ESTA. It is aligned to the approach of the European Standard for energy management systems (EMSs), EN 16001, and the equivalent British Standard BS EN 16001.

The guide was last updated in 2010 and is now retained here as a useful archived reference document, especially for those new to corporate energy management.

1. Click here to download the:

Effective Energy Management Guide - (pdf 120kb)

2. Click here to download the supporting:

Quick Start Guide to Energy Monitoring & Targeting (pdf 544kb) - this includes useful advice on how to use the CUSUM technique for energy management.

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